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Angel Date Anniversary
March 27, 2005

On March 30, 2005 a group of Ginny's friends from Jordan gathered to release 11 balloons. Inside the balloons were letters and poems for Tarik written from this group of friends. We decided that this would become an annual memorial for Tarik. A similar event will occur in June for Tarik's birthday but on Cape Cod with family and

Balloon Letters:

  • Mom's Balloon Letter

March 30, 2005

Dear Tarik,

A year has passed since you left us….and we are still in denial that you are gone. I look at your photos, and feel you are still in Houston or away on a trip somewhere. I guess its my way of protecting my broken heart.

During the year we were able to keep our sanity by having a reference point each month of what we knew you were doing the same time the year before. But after your memorial of one year…..now what? All we can do now is reference where “we” were…and what “we” were doing. This alone has made reality set in….and of course deep depression.

Flashes of your childhood….your first steps….learning to ride your bike….lacrosse…..snow skiing…..graduations….holidays….glide through our minds like a video.Sometimes making us smile and laugh…and other times so painful that we cannot stop crying. Tarik you were such a sensitive person that could pick up on other’s emotions very quickly. The world was not kind….like the world you lived in…

Nothing we can do can ever bring you back to us…. We have so many questions to ask….”why”….and “are we being punished by God”? Of course we will never know the answers….so we turn to whatever comforts us….and for me its God. I don’t blame him for what happened…because I feel we have control over our lives…and he is too good to take loved ones away. This is our choice….and can happen to anyone. We can only pray to God to help us….and guide us through difficult times.

I feel you are with us Tarik…..you are the butterfly on the bushes…the lovely bird in the trees…the sun and the sunsets. I feel your presence when I’m down and when I laugh at things you did…I know you are there laughing too. The most powerful things in life are the things we cannot see: the wind, the radio waves, sound waves, light
waves….without all these things we would cease to exist. You are in another dimension….pure white light…..vibrating at such a speed that we cannot see you…but you can see us. We are weighted down in this dimension with our bodies…we are all spirits having a human experience….and you are now home…waiting for us to finish
with this experience so we can join you….. Maybe to us you left too soon… but I think you perfected your human experience and didn’t need to be here anymore… We still have more lessons and classes and much more to learn. Someone asked me to not mourn you Tarik….but to think about what I learned from you in the 23 years we were
blessed to have you with us. Tarik…I learned so much from you. I learned unconditional love and forgiveness….and to take life slowly and not to rush. Live in the moment and not waste thought of worrying about the past (which is old history)…. or stressing over the future (which hasn’t happened)….so why not live in the moment…right? This is what you taught me Tarik…and I love you for that. You took the time to enjoy the beauty of nature…and listen to what people had to say (bothyoung and old). You sifted through their words and selectively took out exactly what you needed and learned so much….while I was too busy worrying about paying bills and cleaning closets.

I will never forget you Tarik….and will speak of you often with my friends. I am not afraid to talk about my eldest son, and when people ask how many children I have…I always say two. Because you are not gone….you just are more spiritual and did not need your human cloak anymore. Like I said before…we are merely all spirits having
a human experience. You are here…. And I know it, as mothers have this instinct. I am taking good care of Ali….he is a fine young man and will do all the things during his earthly experience that you did not have the chance to do….and you will live it through him. When I hug him….I know I’m hugging you too!

I am taking care of Dad too…. He misses you so much Tarik…..please watch over him and send him signs that you are around…. This will make him happy….Please be patient with me Tarik…. I am trying my best to manage a smile on my face on most days. But I am only human and cry tears because I love you so very much, and miss you with all my heart. Keep sending me signs…because it brings me hope…. and this is what keeps my broken heart going.
You are my cosmic traveler now Tarik….so I will refer to your Memorial date as Tarik’s Cosmic Traveler Date.

Your loving family misses you….and look at my friends here today…they love you so very much too. I remember when you were little and you lost your balloon on the balcony of our house here in Amman. You were so distraught to see it float away…and I told you the balloon was going to God and the angels. From that point on….you were frightened to hold onto balloons with helium for fear it would float away and leave you…. Today we are sending balloons to you my dear Tarik. So now you can see things from a different perspective. Its like the poem “The Ship”….We say there she goes, but to you its “Here she comes”. Connect with the loves ones of my friends here today…and meet as many people as you can Tarik because when I eventually join you I want to meet all your new friends….. This is what life is all about….connections with others….and love. This is why our hearts break because grief is the price we pay for loving and the only reason I hurt is because I had the privilege of loving so much….

All my love, Mom

  • Toni’s Balloon Letter

March 30, 2005

Dear Tarik,

While your life on earth was too short, you set a very high standard of unconditional love and a non-judgmental attitude that will be hard for most to follow. You brought so much peace, joy and love to all those who had the privilege of knowing you. Thank You! God bless you dear Tarik as you continue on your everlasting journey…..

All my love,

Toni Qaddumi

  • Ella Balloon Letter

March 30, 2005


Tarik watching over us, on your heavenly throne, the pain and loss of a beloved child or any beloved one is too painful for those left behind on the earthly plane of existence.
However, we know that one day when our turn comes, when the mission in our own sacred contracts are completed we will also join you. Let your soul be at peace and rest and let your sojorns into the higher realms of light take you. God be with Ginny, Abdullah, Ali and your grandmother and all those that love you, to live out their lives
in peace knowing you are in the hands of the creator.
We loved having you with us, although it was a brief time. Love never dies, and when we all meet again the love will be remembered.



  • Suzie Balloon Letter

Sweet Angel Tarik,

Please help your Mom, Dad and Ali to accept your new dimension.Take all my love…. God Bless you…. God loves you
Keep Angels around this world….

Love you..
Love you..
Love you..
Love you..
Love you..

Suzie Gazawi

  • Donna’s Balloon Letter

March 30, 2005

Hi Tarik,

Where do I begin? I did not know you for very long, but it was enough for you to have touched my life. Even though your physical body has gone, you are still touching my life through your mother, father, and brother its really beautiful.

Still I feel you are sharing your knowledge and generosity through them. To me it was a great honor to have sang at your memorial I will never forget it.

May your soul always be dancing in heavens gardens.

God Bless,

Donna Soudani

  • Susie Balloon Letter

March 30, 2005

Dearest Tarik,

I know you are with the Angels now. And I knew you were an “Earth Angel” gone back to the 7th Heaven “The Angelico Kingdom”. To continue your work from there.
Please give strength to all your family to continue the work for you. Guide them to the right path, and the right place for your centre. “Give them signs”. Tarik I knew I used to make you laugh. “Now Here is a Laugh”. I finished my book at last. So please guide my book to the right people to whom it can help, for one to open their
hearts. To listen to one’s guidance, and especially to listen to one’s higher self…..“God”.

Easter Sunday God Bless you Tarik

Susie (Q.) Tamim

I miss you and our chats