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Christmas, 2004

On our first Christmas without Tarik, we purchased 24 lanterns to symbolize Tarik's 24 years on this earth. Each night...for 24 days leading up to Christmas 2004 we lit the candles which lined our front walk. We would pause on each lantern and remember that particular year of Tarik's life. In the photo some of the pictures came out with all the lantern light connecting into one large light. It reminded us that we are "all one" and connected to each other.

We also sent out votive candles to family and friends to light on Christmas Day in memory of Tarik. Candles were sent out all over the world to 15 States and 8 countries. Everyone got back to us and promised to light the candle on Christmas morning...which made it much easier to bear without out dear Tarik.... Thank you all...