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I Can Only Imagine

How can I dare to say
I understand your pain?
I have not suffered your loss
I can only imagine

My tears and yours
Are one
I have not suffered your loss
I can only imagine

Both of us,
You and I,
Are valiant mothers...
Who brought magnificent sons
Into this world

The pain and joy of birth
We both have shared
Mother bears, you and I,
Our cubs
Our life
Our heart

That much I know
And share with you
The instinct to protect…
We are fearless in Life’s jungle
As we empower them
With our love

To lose a child…
Dear God!
I say to you I understand
But how can I
Possibly know your pain?
I can only imagine

But know this as truth
If I could turn back time for you…
I would
But alas……
this too
I can only imagine

I, like you, am a mother
And I feel your loss,
Your sorrow
But you, my dear, sweet friend,
Are the wounded one
And I can only imagine

By Kay Mukhar