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 Letter to Tarik from Dad:

Yesterday I finally had the courage to open the E-Mails that Tarik and I exchanged over the past two years. I found close to a hundred. The most frequent and favorite of mine read:

Hey Dad
Give me a call
Love Tarik

What would I give Tarik, if I could just give you a call right now, hear your voice and talk to you.

I feel blessed to have been a father to Tarik for 23 years; I still am. His baby years were always pleasant and he just wanted to please people. Tarik never liked to see people upset or sad. His teachers described him as intelligent, polite and pleasant.

He never changed, even throughout his adult years. I had the privilege of spending a lot of time with Tarik during his university years. I could see how his character and personality were going to be his strongest assets to being a successful young man.

In the past two years before his graduation he became so interested and dedicated in making sure that he had the education and knowledge to be able to help people in the fields of Nutrition and Natural Medicine. This, he told me, was his dream - four days before his death.

Just before leaving, at the end of my visits to the U.S., I would say to Tarik that being my eldest son could you take care of Mom and Ali while I am away. Sure enough he would call them every day and check to see if everything was OK. I know that even after his departure he will always be beside his Mother and younger brother Ali and will still be looking after them.

After Tarik’s graduation I was looking forward to being with him, working together and having him as a friend and colleague. My dream did not come true for God had a more important role for him in the heavens above.

Tarik is now with his Aunt Alia, who also departed from us at an early age. She was just four years older than Tarik when she suddenly passed away

Now Tarik you are in Heaven with Auntie Alia, my heart is broken but what gives me peace is that you have gone to another life with all your Love, Compassion, and Purity: all traits your lovely mother put into you.

The gift of your 23 years with us will never go away. To me it is just the beginning and I promise you, as I promised your loving younger brother Ali, that I will dedicate the rest of my life to making your noble dreams come true.

So from time to time, when I need your wisdom and guidance. I will send you a message saying:

Hey Tarik
Give me a call
Love Dad