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To Our Tarik



 Letter to Tarik from Mom:

Dear Tarik,

Where are you? I miss your bright sunny smile and huge twinkling brown eyes. I think often of your relaxed, easy going manner….never rushed and eager to listen.

Sometimes your “laid back” manner would disturb me….as you never seemed bothered with responsibilities like bill paying or getting to appointments on time. It was like “time” did not matter in your world….as it was so precious that you made the most of each moment. You did not waste time with all the stress that comes with rushing through each precious moment of the day. You seemed to have figured out life, and I only wish we could have learned this lesson from you by just slowing down.

And who cares about paying bills on time…they will always be there…but we may not….

You took time to smell the roses, enjoy the sunsets, and noticed the little things like a child’s laughter or an old couple holding hands in a park.

Tarik I learned so much from you….and I feel badly that I never told you how much your inner knowledge amazed me. I reflect back on all the lectures I gave you about life….and how you quietly listened…your wisdom far beyond what I could only imagine. But you listened when most people would have argued and challenged my judgment.

Tarik…..when I think of you I smile because you had the innocence of a small child. You only saw the good in people…when I (an adult & parent) would sometimes only see only the bad. Again you taught me…and I thank you…and I believe this lesson is called “Unconditional Love”.

Your laughter was infectious…and your humor dry and witty. You had the ability to joke and make fun of people without being cruel…and could tell a story about something as simple as a trip to a supermarket and it seemed to be an adventure. You would have made a wonderful father…but did not have that opportunity.

You attracted people like a magnet but still remained humble, and I don’t think you knew how much you were loved by all. But being loved back was not an issue….you kept giving more and more of yourself.

Your passion for natural health and helping people was probably the most beautiful aspect of who you really were. I saw the light in your eyes when you researched their illnesses…with such dedication that you sometimes skipped meals to continue the research. You gave them hope but most important…love.

You had the compassion to listen for hours to friend’s problems and took it upon yourself to heal them in any way possible. Once again…never asking for anything in return.

I don’t think you realized how many people you reached out and touched….and how you left a footprint in their hearts. Tarik where are you?

I loved your comparisons of animals to people (from your Native American Indian book). I remember that Dad and I were birds….Ali a Cheetah…and you a giraffe.

You had a certain style…wrinkled slacks….faded t-shirt with holes…and a grey wool baseball cap. As hard as I tried to change you….you always remained who you were…Tarik. You were comfortable with whom you were…and never tried to impress people or change to please people. Everyone who met you saw your inner essence and not your clothes. Only you Tarik could pull that off! You always reminded me that we are merely spiritual beings temporarily in a physical body. The beauty in people lives

This past Christmas you taught me a very valuable lesson. When you moved out of your apartment in Houston, and allowed the two homeless people to use your apartment as it was already paid for until the end of the month, I was upset with you and was more concerned about how it looked to the concierge of the building. You just wanted them to have a warm place to stay for Christmas. You captured the true meaning of Christmas…and once again you taught me.

Tarik you got Lasik surgery on your eyes two weeks before your accident, and told me how wonderful it was to see…like someone turning on a light and seeing the vibrance of colors. Tarik…you did not need to see…as you already had an inner vision and could see the world and its people with a clarity none of us would ever have, and we in a sense are blind.

Christmas’s will never be the same without you…and neither will any holidays…or moments in my life for that matter. My heart is broken and a part of me died with you on March 27th…..

Tarik…where are you???